Best Destiny Auto Rifle – The Soulstealer’s Claw (POE Doctrine Of Passing?)

Best Destiny auto rifle

Everyone knows the Doctrine of Passing. Hell, you’ve probably been melted by it a hundred times in the Crucible. It probably is the best Destiny auto rifle in the current game, and the recent nerf during the April Update doesn’t seem to have made a single difference. But what about the 95% of us who have an incredible amount of trouble getting to the Lighthouse for a shot at this weapon, much less the 7 wins you need? Surely there must be another weapon that can match up to the god gun, right?

The Previous Contender To The Throne

Well, prior to the April Update, the only gun that had a chance of competing was the Hakke Arminius D, purchased from the Gunsmith. It wasn’t nearly as good, even with a perfect roll. However, a new contender has emerged from the ghosts of the guardians mowed down by the Doctrine, and it is obtained from Variks himself, yeeeesss?

How To Obtain The Weapon

The Soulstealer’s Claw is a random drop from the Prison of Elders, and it has the same base stats as the Doctrine. 100 rate of fire and 1 impact – this auto rifle is built to melt enemies as long as you can land consistent shots. The best part is that it feels just as ‘sticky’ as the doctrine, meaning that the aim assist is more than enough to actively track a fleeing guardian.

Best Destiny auto rifle

Can It Beat The Current Best Destiny Auto Rifle?

There are a few differences though – for one, the Claw is able to roll with a 66 round magazine, making it perfect for ‘bullet hosing’ at multiple enemies for those sick MLG multikills. The roll that this Guardian received from our favorite traitorous Fallen vandal was nothing short of godly, with a Red Dot ORS sight (one of the cleanest in the game), Perfect Balance, Counterbalance and Rifled Barrel.

Now, it doesn’t have the same level of overpowered awesomeness that the Doctrine has, and probably will never be able to gain this. However, in a straight up gun battle with this gun, the Soulstealer’s Claw is able to absoluty ravage the shields and health of a guardian at close to mid-range, with the Glass Half Full perk allowing for 20 critical damage per shot at medium range.

Short Time To Kill For A High RoF Gun

A standard Titan, Warlock or a Hunter has 200 health in a full life. 10 critical hits with the Claw could mean an instant kill, and at this rate of fire, those ten rounds are going to leave the magazine before you can say “Big Fat Caballs”. A max armor striker or a Voidwalker with the Ram helmet might prove a little harder to kill, but the melt factor is strong with this gun.

Of course, getting a good roll can be a tedious task if you have the worst luck with RNG. The base gun is still able to tickle most guardians to death in one-on-one firefights with very low damage drop-off, making it probably close to being the best Destiny auto rifle in the game to date. Oh, and to add frosting to the cake, this weapon has Chroma enabled, for that sick yellow, blue, red and white glow on the body.

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2 years 8 months ago

I still haven't made it to the Lighthouse on my own :/