Destiny ‘April Update’ set to release on April 12th 2016

At this point in Destiny’s timeline, there are many players who have nothing to do outside of raid Oryx on hard looking for a singular drop(Which never seems to materialize) and then PVP until their Three of Coins are gone.  So its good to hear that the 2.2.0 ‘April Update’ is right around the corner.

Here is a list of some of the points of interest:


  • New PVE Challenges
  • New and Updated Gear
  • New Quest featuring the Blighted Chalice Strike
  • Increased Max Light and Rewards
  • Sandbox and Crucible Updates
  • And more…


You may see the “And more…” and wonder what that may be. Outside of what they still have in store, you can expect updates to Clan leader boards as well as the much needed ability to transfer items directly between guardians without first having to deposit that gear into the vault first.



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