The Division Update 1.1 – Incursions April 12

Changes are everywhere now that we have seen the April 12th division update arrive, bringing with it a number of changes, small and large. The most notable change is the first Incursion named ‘Falcon Lost’ is available in the Stuyvesant area, which is the bottom right corner of the map next to the WarrenGate Power Plant. It appears that many of the visible but inaccessible regions will be used for new content like Incursions as there is a newly listed Incursion called ‘Broken Circle’, which is in the top-left corner of the map to the left of DZ06, and it also extends into the currently unreachable area of the map. Broken Circle is captioned, “Go head to head with the Rikers and disable their stolen SAM system to secure the Manhattan airspace” and comes with a minimum recommended gear score of 220. Now compare that to Falcon Lost which seems somewhat difficult to beat with the recommended gear score of 160, which has a minimum required gear score of just 140. This would lead me to believe that the Broken Circle Incursion probably would require a gear score over 200 to access it, however, you’d likely need to be carried.


Speaking of gear score, this is a new metric which in a sense stands in place of being able to inspect the equipment of other players. In games like Destiny, it is possible to size up other players by looking at what they have equipped. The Division uses this score as a way to not only compare but also to prevent lesser geared players from entering challenging areas like the Falcon Lost incursion when they shouldn’t be. At first, you may think it would play a vital role in selecting your PVP battles in the Dark Zone, however the score does not appear when you are in a PVP area.

As far as the Incursion itself, we have mixed feelings about it. If you have played an MMO before, you’ll know most bosses have some kind of weakness which must be exploited. The boss in this Incursion is actually an APC(Armored Personel Carrier) which fires explosives at you and is protected by two minigun turrets, one on each side which can tear through you pretty quickly. There are 15 waves in total, where you must acquire and detonate a bomb on the APC at waves 4, 8, 12 and 15. The first three detonations are the same in the sense that you will encounter an enemy with a diamond symbol above their head. Killing that enemy will drop the bomb which will be obtained by a teammate running over it. If the wrong teammate happens to pick it up, they can die and be revived, in which case the bomb will be dropped and can be picked up by another member of your team. Once you’ve whittled away most of the enemies, you must act quickly before they respawn. Generally, two members will go to the left of the APC and two will head to the right, where there is a button on each side that needs to be pressed and this temporarily disables the minigun turret on the corresponding side. This gives the member with the bomb the chance to run and plant it on the APC and run away. It’s important to continue to stay by the button and ensure the turrets stay off, as they do not stay disabled for very long. Once the bomb is planted, everyone runs back immediately to the safe area in the center of the room under the grating by the restock boxes. This process is repeated every four levels until you reach level 15, where the mobs continuously respawn and in fact, a pulse will reveal at times they are increasing in numbers. What needs to be done here is to get the enemies on the left side cleared as much as possible and a Survivor Link activated and all four members must run to the left side, disable the turret and plant the bomb. Continue activating survivor link by each member until the bomb has detonated and the mission will be completed.

If this is the first time you’ve beaten the Incursion for the week, you can get a set piece to drop from the APC as well as from the weekly Incursion reward. The Hard mode will drop 214 gear and Challenging will drop 240. Loot trading within team members who were present when the loot dropped is a new feature which some may exercise at this time. The gear sets provide bonuses when you equip multiple pieces of gear from the same set, so trading between members who have what the other needs makes sense. One caveat with is that the Incursion reward loot is not shareable, presumably because it isn’t considered a dropped item. Sharing loot and creating sets have some pretty large benefits, some of which can continuously stack up and make your entire team very potent over time.Fri_Apr_15_14-24-32_MST_2016

The Stikers set provides a 20% enemy armor damage increase when you’ve equipped two of the set items, 50% critical hit damage with a three piece set and you gain the talent ‘Shooter’ on the four piece set where each consecutive hit increases damage by 1% up to 100%. This seems very powerful, however, every missed shot reduces that bonus by 2% and also is reduced by 1% every second. So if you are shooting accurately and a lot, you could see very large bonuses, especially when you switch to a marksmen rifle once you’ve built that bonus stack up to the maximum. The Tactical and Sentry sets provide similarly coined bonuses named Tacticians Authority and Stalker which increase skill power by 1% for every 60k damage done and increasing damage inflicted to a target by 15% for 10 seconds when they withstand a head shot which stacks three times, respectively.Fri_Apr_15_14-24-21_MST_2016

Some of this set gear may also be purchased from the Special Weapons Vendor in the Tech Wing of the Base of Operations for Phoenix Credits. Be prepared to spend over 330-390 for each piece and currently as of writing, you may only select from the Knee Pads and Mask from all three sets. The Gloves and Knee Pads of the Nomad are currently available in the DZ06 Special Vendor along with the Holster and Knee Pad of the Nomad Blueprints. The Gloves and Pads require DZ Rank 30 and 25277 DZ Funds and the Holster of the Nomad blueprint requires Rank 50 and 149451 DZ Funds. The Rank 30 gear comes with a gear score of 191 and the Rank 50 gear has a 214 score.Fri_Apr_15_14-24-01_MST_2016

Continuing down the Dark Zone to DZ05, you can get your hands on a variety of High End weapon mod blueprints for DZ Funds if you have DZ Rank 25 or 50. When you get to the DZ04 Weapons Vendor, you’ll finally get to check out the new Valkyria blueprint. This is a 204 gearscore SMG which requires the very high rank of 90. Along with the SMG you can finally get your hands on the first High End M1A blueprint and a Tactical AUG if you’ve got Rank 75. Lastly, in DZ03 you can get some 204 gear score armor blueprints at Rank 50 and some 163 score blueprints at Rank 25.


So there are definitely sweeping changes as to what is available in these safe houses both in regards to rank and currency. The new Supply Drops are more of a mad dash to a specific point where you can only pray you are the first to arrive. Although people may begin to use them as opportunities to extract without being harassed instead. Besides recalibrating for regular credits rather than Phoenix credits and a few other small glitches, bugs and growing pains, we think the 1.1 update was an overall improvement. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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