Google Domains registrar moves to .Google

Back in 2014 Google launched to redirect to their registry site which they later also moved to The registry site covers their domain business and support for some of the newer and upcoming domain extensions. Then on Tuesday, Google switched their domain registrar site to where you can now locate and purchase domain names much like you can at GoDaddy and Namecheap. This move makes one wonder if they are going to continue to move their sites and services toward their own .google extension as a way of getting the general public more familiar and comfortable with the idea of them. Many internet users already think that .com is synonymous with all web addresses and Google’s April Fools trick last year when they switch their domain to probably didn’t help matters any.

Is it possible that this shift will all but force Google users to understand that the letters after the dot can be something meaningful and not just another portion of syntax they must pick and peck in order to get access to their cat pictures and political news? I think this change is a good thing as not only does it open  up much more internet naming real-estate but will also alleviate some of the undesirable emphasis on the necessity of acquiring a .com name for a new website which isn’t a commerce entity.

Considering the amount of time between shifts in this direction, Google is likely taking a conservative approach to even their own .Google extension. The main coefficient to trust is time and given the fact that Google is only making one or two changes per year of this sort, by the time they’ve fully deployed the .Google naming scheme across their portfolio, trust and familiarity should be in place. As time goes by with all the new gTLDs surfacing and becoming more mainstream, there is less likelihood of an end user kickback when it is decided that the most popular search engine address will be

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2 years 6 months ago
I do like this movement actually. There are tons of unique domain extensions nowadays from .tv, to and to even more novel ones like .florist or .ninja. Can you imagine making a game site with a .ninja domain extension? I think that would be very cool. If only I have the programming and graphic abilities to do that. Haha. In any case, there's now a shift from using the traditional .com extension. Of course, .com will always be there and still is the giant of extensions. But having many options can be a good way to reach a more… Read more »