Joining a Gym Team on Pokémon Go – How to Battle Other Players

There are two ways in which you can enjoy the bold new world that is introduced in Pokémon Go. For one, you can explore your area and the country looking for all the Pokémon in the world. There is also the more grounded and practical business of battling other players. In the original anime, you would defeat the gym leader to earn the badge relevant to their gym. In this case, it is a little different. You collect your Pokémon and battle them inside a gym that you control.

So What Are Pokémon Gyms?

In Pokémon Go, gyms are places where you battle your Pokémon or train them. Battles provide them with experience that go towards leveling you up. Each gym is controlled by a team. When your character reaches level 5 in the game, you will be given the choice of one of three different teams. These are Instinct, Mystic and Valor. Instinct is Yellow, Mystic is Blue, and Valor is Red. When you take a look at your Map after hitting level 5 and picking a team, you will be able to tell whether or not a gym is friendly simply by looking at the color of the gym.

Owning a gym allows you to buy stuff with Pokécoins you earn for owning the gym and keeping it in your possession.

Battling Players in Pokémon Go

The battles in the game are quite simple. You train with your own team and battle against other teams. The mechanics are the same – tap the screen as fast as you can to use a flurry of normal attacks. If you want to use a special attack, tap and hold the screen for a little while. Remember that some Pokémon types are a lot more effective than others against some types. A good example of this is the fire-grass-rock triangle. Fire types are great against Grass types. Grass types are great against Rock types and so on.

Special Attacks and Dodging

The special attack in the game takes longer to complete, so it will leave you open for more attacks from your opponent. If it hits them, you get a lot of damage on the enemy Pokémon. If you miss, you are going to be pretty vulnerable for a short period of time.

You can also dodge attacks. These dodges don’t always work, but can be very useful when trying to minimize the damage caused by an enemy special attack. The most important factor in this case is your DPS, or your Damage Per Second over time. Opposing teams can fight to take over your gym, and you can fight to take an opposing team’s gym. If you own a gym, you can battle your allies there and train your Pokémon. This levels the gym up and unlocks special perks for the team that controls it.

Battling isn’t as complex as it seems. It is less about strategy and more about being quick on your feet. It is a lot less about turn-based fights and more about tapping that screen till it bounces your finger off!

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