Microsoft Edge: Extensions with Chrome support

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Microsoft announced yesterday that they have made the highly requested extensions for its Edge browser available to Insiders in PC build 14291. The way to view the available extensions is to visit and then download and run the extension to install it. Once the extension is installed, you can then load it into Edge by clicking the ‘…’ button in the top right corner of the browser, and then select Extensions and click Load Extensions to view the installed extensions located in the Downloads folder. Click on the extension folder and click the select folder button and the extension should show up in the list of extensions which Edge has recognized.

Here is a video from the Edge team demonstrating how to do this:

On the Chrome extension compatibility front, Jacob Rossie, a Microsoft Edge engineer has confirmed that a porting tool has been in development for Chrome extensions. I guess we will have to wait and see how easy it is for devs to make this happen once the tool is available. has a great article covering the similarities between Edge and Chrome extensions, and even gets the first Edge extensions running in chrome with only some minor user-facing modifications. Head on over to their blog to see how at the source link.



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2 years 6 months ago
This is kind of fascinating if true, but at the same time wouldn't this potentially be a huge security hole for Microsoft Edge? From my understanding, Edge adds an extra layer of security by running in it's own sandbox, to help prevent malicious web sites from harming your computer directly. But the issue with Chrome extensions is that many of the developers for these are including all sorts of malware/adware in them which are monitoring your surfing habits and selling off your data to third party companies. How would this play out if a Chrome extension were to be loaded… Read more »