Pinterest: Video Ads Incoming

If you’ve noticed the influx of videos and video advertisements on Facebook, then you won’t have much trouble understanding whats about to happen to Pinterest. According to Digiday, promoted video pins are being tested by a “smallĀ group of users, and internally at Pinterest”, according to one of their sources familiar with the situation. Last year, Pinterest launched Cinematic Pins which snap into motion when the viewer is scrolling up and down, however making the transition to video which plays when a user stops on the video preview would put them on par with Facebook and Twitter. This opens up a big opportunity for Pinterest and advertisers alike, assuming they can pull it off in a manner which won’t disrupt their user base.


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2 years 6 months ago

That will use up more of my metered bytes. Seriously, it's already a challenge whenever I come across videos posted on social media to hurry up and find the pause button. Streaming media eats my web usage like nobody's business. It doesn't matter if it's audio or video, I have to really want to see it. So Pinterest videos, we'll see how it goes.