Terrible Pokémon Go Techniques You Need to Ditch Immediately

Pokémon Go is one of the most popular apps right now. Chances are you have been trying to catch them all as well. There are some things you simply shouldn’t do when you are playing this game. Most of these are pretty obvious, but people do them anyway. Simply look up Pokémon Go news and see for yourself. Here are some of the most terrible Pokémon Go practices and habits you need to get rid of as soon as you can.


Pokestops are spots all over the world where you can find Pokémon and stock up on Pokeballs, as well as other items. It is very often indeed that rare Pokémon spawn in these places. Trainers mindlessly rush to them without a second thought as soon as some big event happens. Well, sometimes you need to take a step back and take a look at the situation. Just recently in Australia, a police station that was marked as a Pokestop was raided by a bunch of trainers looking for a rare Pokémon. The police department ended up having to issue a warning to Pokémon Go players. Trespassing on private property is a crime for which you can get charged. Never forget this as you explore the brave new world introduced with Pokémon Go.

Using All Your Battery

Pokémon Go is a GPS-centric game that features Augmented Reality as a core part of the game design. When these two features work together, they result in one thing – a battery killing app. Some mobile phones actually drain faster than they can charge, depending on the charger. There is actually a power saving mode within the game itself that you can turn on. When you are on your journey around town, make sure that you have a portable charger with you, or make sure that you are always near a power source. Don’t be a silly willy and wander around until your battery dies on you. The last thing you need is to wind up somewhere you have never been before without battery power.

Letting it Take Over Your Life

This is something a lot of people playing the game tend to do. Never forget that you have an actual real life outside of the game. There are reports coming in of people quitting their jobs to travel the world and be a Pokémon master. Don’t do it. This may have seemed awesome back when you were watching the original anime, but it isn’t something you can actually do and hope to survive. Also make sure that you stay in touch with your social life. Walk around with your friends, meet new people, and GO TO WORK. Don’t give up your real life because you feel like the life you have as a trainer is better for you.

These 3 are just the start of a whole plethora of bad tactics and practices that you can have when you play the game that is sweeping the nation. Don’t fall for the honeytrap that it is. Play it hard, but play it in moderation.

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