Rookie Pokémon Go Mistakes All Padawans Must Avoid

Greetings, young padawan learners. Come to the right place, you have. As a newbie to the world of Pokémon Go, you are going to be looking for advice. Whether it is what team to pick or what to do to catch a new Pokémon, there is a lot you should and should not do when you are playing the game. Put your lightsabers away and listen up. These are the mistakes you have to avoid when you are playing the game.

Keeping AR on at all Times

We all are enthralled by the augmented reality that is used in the game. It is similar to the older game from Niantic Labs, Ingress. Using the phone camera to see Pokémon in real time in the real world can be incredibly cool. It can also be quite funny to see a Charmander on your toilet, but that’s beside the point. Seeing something new and intriguing can make you feel like a Jawa who just spotted a Trade Federation Battle Droid at a garage sale in Mos Eisley.

Keeping your Augmented Reality on all the time can lead to a HUGE drain on your battery though. You won’t have that “cool” factor, but you will be able to see Pokémon around you for longer. Your hunts will also last you a lot longer. In addition to this, you will be able to catch rarer Pokémon a lot more easily because you won’t have the camera moving around jerkily and distracting you.

Driving So You Can Hatch Those Eggs

If you thought that you were outsmarting the system by figuring out the loophole in hatching Pokémon eggs, you haven’t. There is no way for you to circumvent the need to walk a certain distance before the eggs hatch. People have tried keeping their app logged in while they drive to work and more, trying to get the 10KM in on their egg to get it to hatch. However, there is a failsafe put in there by Niantic themselves to force you to have to do some actual exercise in order to get those eggs to yield Pokémon.

The only way to get those miles recorded is to walk them, because the GPS tracking system for the app turns off if the velocity of the phone rises over a certain limit. This means that you have to either walk or bike if you want to get those amazing new Pokémon. Use the Force, young Padawan, and Force yourself to actually go out into the great outdoors instead of trying to crack the system.

Another quick tip for all you learners out there is to make use of the radar on your screen. There is a tab called the Nearby tab which tracks all the Pokémon that are within a certain radius of you. The best way to figure out if your missing Poke-peeps are close is to simply open the tab up and check it out. The number of paw prints under the silhouette of the Pokémon tells you exactly how far away they are as well.

There are plenty of other mistakes that a lot of rookies and experienced players make when they play the game. Some people will never even realize what they are doing. You need to make sure that you keep a tight grip on that lightsaber, an even quicker finger on the trigger of your Pokeball blaster rifle, and scout ahead to find and catch them all. Oh, and whether you pick the Jedi or the Sith, remember that the Forretress is with you always.

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