Tricks I Wish I Knew When I Started Pokémon Go

Pokémon Fever is sweeping the world, and a lot of people are only getting the app now. Back when the application first launched, we were absolutely clueless about what to do. It was a journey of adventure and discovery, just like it was for Ash and his friends in the hit cartoon series. While today’s beginners are inundated with different tips and tricks for becoming a better player, I hadn’t the slightest idea what to do when I started. Here are some of the things I wish I had known when I first started playing. Looking back, I probably would have been a Pokémon Master by now if I had tried them all!

It Could Have Been a Walk in the Park

Sure, there are Pokémon popping up all over the place. I’ve seen people posting pictures of Spearow on the toilet! For a beginner trainer, the most Pokémon can be caught in the shortest time in the more populated parts of the city. While it is true that the dense populations in cities are great for Pokémon hunting, there are actually far better places: parks! I was out there roaming the urban streets, constantly running out of Pokeballs. If I had gone to a park, preferably one that had a body of water nearby as well, I would have caught a lot more Pokémon. The best part about parks is that there are different environments in one place, allowing for a variety of Pokémon types to be caught at once. Even better – parks have many Pokestops, so I would never have run short of Pokeballs. Hindsight, thou art a cruel foe.

Teaming Up Would Have Worked Wonders

The good thing about Pokémon Go is that the creatures don’t just appear for one player. This means that if I had hunted for Pokémon with my friends in tow, I would have caught a lot more of them. I also wouldn’t have been too scared to wander into the shadier parts of town looking for that Pikachu I was missing. Teaming up would have been fun, and we could have shared lures in order to attract a lot more rare and normal Pokémon! Even the original characters in the anime teamed up with their friends Misty and Brock, among others. For crying out loud, Jessie and James were a team too! For all you beginners out there: don’t make the same mistake. Team up with your buds and go hunting together!

Leafy Encounters With Rare Pokémon

Back when I first installed the app, there was this bug I would notice every now and then. A rustling of leaves appeared on my map every so often. I passed it off as a dynamic theme applied by Niantic and ignored it. Imagine my horror when I later found out that the moving leaves were a sign of Pokémon spawning in the area sometime soon! Even worse: these leaves mean there is a chance of a rare Pokémon you haven’t seen on your map spawning in. Oh, the heartbreak!

Of course, there are many more tricks that new beginners can easily learn on the internet. I didn’t have the luxury, and now I have a lot of regrets. However, in a way, the journey was also pretty exciting because I was going into the world of Pokémon blind. If you are following in my footsteps, make sure you use everything you can to become the ultimate Pokémon trainer!

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